For Earth Day 2015

Re : Declaration for Earth Day : "Our city is a Chestnut city"

Dear Mayor and City Council :

Remember the Rainforest is a nonprofit project under the auspices of Fractured Atlas, a 501K for artists. Our free program will launch for Earth Day. Our program will 1) raise awareness through Eco publications and 2) promote the planting of Chestnut trees. You will find a press release on the menu at

Every city should be a Chestnut city. American Chestnuts have been extinct for 100 years and are now blight free. According to the American Chestnut Foundation, Chestnuts can boast 3x faster growth than any other tree, therefore 3x oxygen and 3x carbon absorption.We would like for every city to issue a proclamation for Earth Day designating areas for planting. These trees grow to be huge and need space 40 feet in diameter. They do not thrive in clay soil, but rather need to be planted on hilltops with shale or rocky soil. The AFC recommends purchasing American Chestnut heritage seeds from the huge trees of the 1800s.

Our Eco coloring book poses the question, "Why be a Tree Killer when you can be an Eco SuperHero"? Students can take responsibility for planting Chestnut trees. 10 trees = Eco SuperHero.

Needless to say, we need a commitment very soon. Please use your network to send this news to other mayors.

Sincerely, Carol Miranda Chor aka C. Miranda

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business entities : /

ps :The last pages of the Eco coloring book will be our posters ! We have requested that Home Depot and Lowe’s have a ready supply of trees for planting season. We offered these 2 free posters for them to display in-store. Please page all the way down.